Abdul Moontarin. Muslim. 18. Rapper. Songwriter.

So many people in this world including myself are always worrying about stuff like “OMG, will she/he like me back?” or they will spend most of their time making someone they like to fall for them.

something I realized recently is, we should stop worrying about these silly things. We should just continue to do what we love, continue to be us. One day you will see that someone fell in love with you for who you are and not who you were trying to be. If you just focus on being yourself one of these days you and someone else will fall in love in the most unexpected way. Truth is, that’s the best feeling ever. Just don’t stress life and just continue to be someone you WANT to be :)

(Words from a hopeless romantic loser)


"It’s a metapod, see"

"Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?""Probably sitting at the kitchen table with my dad, an hour after my mother died, realizing we had to figure out what we were going to do for lunch."