Abdul Moontarin. Muslim. 18. Rapper. Songwriter.

Have you ever wished that you were able to go back in time and stop your self from making mistakes that you would forever regret? Well I have. I just wished i was able to stop my self from doing so many stupid mistakes. Mistakes that didn’t only hurt me but the people I care about. Sometimes these mistakes will always haunt you and the sad thing about it is you can’t do nothing about it. No mater how much you changed that mistake will always define who you are to people. Sigh. Just take me back in time so i can just stop my self for committing these stupid mistakes.

This is my favorite picture of me. Basically, i was at work folding cloths and minding my own business. suddenly i looked up and saw a bright flash. LOL my co worker snapped a quick pic of me for the employee collage. I just look so lost. I love it.